Erectile dysfunction in young men – how to overcome this psychological impotence

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I remember when I was younger, and I had the hottest, big-tittiest Puerto Rican chick in my bed, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get an erection… actually, the more effort I put in to getting an erection, the more flaccid my penis became. I began researching “young man with erectile dysfunction”, Psychological erectile dysfunction causes in young man, and things along those lines… and this was the early days of the internet… not much info out there. I didn’t find shit.  I didn’t even hear about sexual performance once.  So I was positive I was the youngest man ever with erectile dysfunction, and that nobody else in the world faced this problem.

My anxiety increased.  On the way to this Puerto Rican girls house I drank a shitload of coffee and took one of those HORSE sex pills or whatever the fuck they’re called from the gas station.  The attendant told me “you’re too young to be taking those pills!”. Embarrassed as hell I bought the pills, took them down, and went to this girl’s house. My erection was my manhood.  If I couldn’t get an erection, I wasn’t a man. This raised the stakes on my performance.

She was disappointed, I was embarrassed, and I never saw her again… not because of her, more because of my embarrassment. And then I ran back to an ex-girlfriend with my tail between my legs (literally).  I had never had a problem with my erection with her. And then when I went back to comfort of her warm bedroom, my erection worked perfectly.  I achieved a complete erection… no problems at all.

So my problem was Psychological erectile dysfunction. As the years progressed, I came across more and more young men saying they’ve had problems getting an erection.  And all of them thought they were the only one this happened to.

I’ve learned some good techniques about erectile dysfunction solutions:                       -Relax, you can’t “mentally will” an erection to happen, it’s a natural process that happens on its own… just get as horny as possible.                                                                          -Become comfortable with your partner; make a fun environment for sex, nothing serious.                                                                                                                               -don’t put pressure on yourself, don’t try and “test” your erection.                                       -Erection strengthening exercises are also a good way to naturally improve your erection quality.

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