Expectation: a need, a normal behaviour or a question??

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Expectation is an easy word whose meaning is known to everyone so I will not waste time on explaining what it is…

Now expectation is of various stages and I am damn sure you will come across at least, mind my word at least one problem regarding to this.

Expecting… is it normal behaviour? Yes, it is… any human being who is close to any friend or family member would expect some or the other thing from them. People might think that they don’t expect, but the truth is that the do a little… agreed a point that they may expect less but definitely they do. Let me give an example, if it’s your birthday you don’t expect a wish from your closed ones, of course yes… that’s also a kind of expectation.

Now question is expectation is necessary? In my opinion it is but don’t exceed after certain limit. See my point of view is if you are doing a particular thing for someone, you always expect the same in return. If not then you are seriously an exception and no comments for them. As what I think is expectation is a self generated feeling for help in an informal way.

Expectation can be a question for those just mentioned above… that why so much expectation?? But they will understand it in their future I am sure about that.

The problems that are generated due to this stuff is that if someone expects from someone who don’t expect… if we analyse this situation we see that since that person is not expecting then why should you expect from him. This can lead to some serious things if not handled timely and correctly.

The affect of expectation when it is not fulfilled is bad rather very very bad. When you truly expects something from a person and is not fulfilled you doesn’t feel good at all. You feel like you are attacked by a bullet that passed through heart. That is the reason I said you should not expect beyond a limit.

The only advice that I can give is you can’t stop expecting but if ever you are attacked or heart by that directly sort it out with that person. As he will be close to you, will definitely understand it. And just try not to have that condition again.

In the end, for those who expect a lot… you not only have to except but also have a courage and should be mature enough to handle the worse cases of it. For those who don’t… you are very less in number but if you deeply think you too expect but don’t suppress it thinking that expectation is bad.

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