Face book versus google plus – tech war is on

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Google the King of the internet world is afraid of the 2nd Ranked website of the world .Yes you are correct , its Facebook.
Google is making effort again and again to make social networking website Now Google is ready with project named as GooglePlus or we can say “we want to be FaceBook” Project.

Google Plus is not welcoming all,as only invitation can be sended by Google plus users.Still Google plus is having millions users,i know less than 750 millions(of Facebook) chill and wait for social networking battle.
In beginning google + seems to bea big copy cat of Facebook.Google Plus Blog is the place where you can make posts (like walls in Facebook ),Google + is having Stream where millions of posts of your friends may be available (like news feed in Facebook ) and also small
+1 switch (copy of Facebook switch ), which might be idea of Google + name.However,there is one huge smart difference which is OOOO Circles ,in these circles you can put the people whom you know, by divided into the categories. When you will start ,these circles will be empty and circles are names as friend,family,Acquaintances and following (you can put people here whom
you want to follow ,but they are not known to you like twitter).These circles can be small (Mom and dad )or huge(familly).Security is the best part of Google+ ,which created issue in Facebook for many years. Now you can secure all crazy pictures of pubs from your parents and flirts with other girls from your girlfriend by these circles. You can permit the people to check out the content as per your comfort. You can check the post of your office people and your college friend with one click.

Facebook is having “list” but it is very uneasy to use as compared to circles. You can separate the category(circle)in which photo or post can be shared. You will find little difficulty as you can not simply updates the things by one click , however the use is so powerful that you will be ready to adjust with this difficulty. There is also one nice facility which is spark , where you can find articles of your interests.

Google+ displays the required posts,news and video from the internet.The biggest edge of Google Plus is Hangouts which is videoconferencing through which 10 people can talk and see each other via webcam.As per the news Facebook jojns the hands which Skype to include same fearure , so as to compete with Google plus.Its difficlut to tell who will win the race between Facebook and Google+ , as its depends upon the people minds. But Google already made attempts to capture the social networking market by making Orkut , which is quiet known in India and some other countries. Lets not talk about Orkut  as many people in the world ignored it.Till date Facebook is having maximum users as per other networking sites are concerned Facebook is making every effort to keep the user stick to the site by developing various new functions and utilities, so users do not feel to switch to other site.

As we know that google is the big daddy of the internet world, however still Google is threatened by the Facebook ,the main reason is – growing market of Facebook ads .As we all knows that google main business is google ads which is now being challenged by the Facebook ads.Advertisers are getting new platform to advertise , which is also efficient as social networking sites are demographicThats is the main reason that Google want to kick Facebook out of the business.

As per me:

Positive points of Google plus are :

1) Google plus is having secure and well organized grouping – Circles

2) Google plus is not filled with stupid applications like of Facebook.

3) Google plus is simple and cute

4) Google plus uses the best features of Facebook and twitter.

5) Google plus chat is advanced than Facebook

6) Google plus hangout is more refined than Facebook video chat.

Nagtive points of Google plus are :

1) Google plus is not having some features like of Facebook(beta)

2) Person who is not interested in secure contents will think twice to switch from Facebook

3) Google plus is just one of the services of Google and not the brand name of social networking name like Facebook

If you want to know Google Plus updates you may check out Google Plus Blog

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