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It is so easy to find that special someone at Speed Dating Washington DC. Though there are some things you must know before you venture out. And if you do get a date with someone, we have tips on various ways to stay safe. We also have tips on how to make the most of the whole experience.


Speed dating is a lot of fun because you get to meet lots of men and woman in one place in one night. What happens after that night is up to you. They way it works is as follows:


You will arrive at Speed Dating Washington DC and register at the door. Then you can mingle with the other speed daters at the bar before the event begins. The professionals on hand who run the event will then usher you into a cordoned off area of the restaurant where the dating begins. You will have approximately five minutes with each “date” so we strongly suggest you make the most out of the little time you have by coming prepared with questions that aren’t superficial. Ask questions that will help you get know the person as much as possible during the time you have. Don’t ask questions like “Where do you live?” or talk about your jobs.


After the event, everyone heads back to the bar for more socializing. If there was someone who caught your eye during the round robin, you could meet someone you’ll date, or even marry. We know you’ll like speed dating dc.


There are some safety precautions that should be taken, especially the women, while Speed Dating Washington DC. First off, don’t give out your phone number, address or any other identifying information. For your first date meet in a public place. Make sure two of your friends know where you’re going and call them mid-date to let them know you’re okay. Then call them again as soon as the date ends. Carry your cell phone at all times. If you get an immediate bad feeling about your date, politely say that something has come up and leave. Safety for women is extremely important but don’t let it ruin the speed dating experience. Just remember to be cautious. 

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