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Khatik word is derived from the Sanskrit language word Khat. In English, Khatik means “butcher”. During ancient times the main business of Khatik caste was to slay and prepare sheep and goats. Afterward, their occupation was tanning the skin and selling the hairs of sheep in the market and export the same to western countries for using the same as wig and also to trade the meat of goat as a butcher. Nowadays people of this Caste are selling vegetables and do the business as scrap merchants.

Most of the people are street vendors collecting waste paper, scrap and plastic on the bicycle. There are some doctors, engineers, teachers and advocate, management and administrative staff. They found all over India except for a small minority in Gujarat and Maharashtra, who are converted to Islam called Shaikh Qassab. Neither have they remained as Hindu nor Kshatriya – Khatik in India. The Hindu Khatik in Punjab has five gotras (clans), the Mogha, Bairiwal, Aswal, Jatoria, and Khinchi. The Hindu Khatik only keeps away from one gotra in matrimony. The clan worships Bhairon and Sidh Massani. The Hindu Khatiks were also pork slaughter. They now use the surname Chawdhary. In Uttar Pradesh, they are divided into seven sub-groups.

For matrimony purposes, Khatik search for the other khatiks only but excludes their same clan. There are many Khatik matrimonial websites which are made especially for this community. They provide Khatik brides and grooms for families. You can even post your profile for matching a bride or a groom. Khatiks are distributed in all over India. In Uttar Pradesh, with modifications brought about by the abolishment of the zamindari system, many of the Uttar Pradesh (UP) Khatik have become farmers. As their agricultural assets are extremely small, many are now allocating croppers. Despite land reforms, the UP they remain as marginalized group. But In Delhi, the they have two subgroups, the Soor Khatik and the Khal Rangay Khatik. They have now entered into other businesses, and many are now run small industries, mainly trading with the promotion of plastic goods. Like other North India Khatiks, they are also Hindus. Similarly, they have their own strong identities in other parts of the country.

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