Finding a good divorce attorney in pembroke pines

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Your attorney is the one person you’ll be counting on for support and advice throughout your divorce process from start to finish, so it behooves you to take the time and effort to choose the right divorce attorney to work with. Selecting a Pembroke Pines family attorney you can trust to uphold your best interests in this trying time takes more thought than scanning a net search results page for something that sounds good, or calling up your old family attorney. That’s something you should never do, no matter how comfortable it may feel to you. To make sure that you get a fair shake, both parties in a divorce proceeding need to have unbiased representation, so that means any attorney you choose should have no connections to your spouse, either in the past or the present. You’ll also want to hire an attorney who is well-versed in family law. This may sound like a no-brainer, but in Florida, attorneys can actually be board certified in family law.

A board certified Pembroke Pines divorce lawyer is guaranteed to have significant court experience in divorce and family law, and rigorous ongoing education that amounts to roughly two times the continuing education requirements sustained by non-board certified attorneys. Although the better qualifications sometimes come with a higher retainer fee, if you have a complicated divorce, asset division or child custody issue, that quality education and experience can more than make up the difference in price.

Don’t Get Distracted By Bells & Whistles

A fancy website and posh office are attractive draws, but don’t let these bells and whistles distract you from finding out what really matters. Every divorce has its own unique issues, and you need a lawyer who has experience and skill in the areas you need most. So take stock of your situation, and what issues are going to be on the table for you and your partner. Do you need to deal with division of assets or property? Do you have children who need to be supported or child custodies issues to be decided and agreed upon? If your financial situation is complex, you’ll need someone who has the knowledge and experience required to deal with the additional laws and issues that pertain to your case, or a law firm that provides access to any necessary financial experts or advisors. Whatever your needs, make sure you hold an in-person interview with your prospective Pembroke Pines attorney before you decide to commit.

Every attorney or law firm has their own personal style and philosophy, so you’ll want to make sure their style meshes with yours. A divorce is basically a negotiation, so you’ll want someone who is comfortable dealing with people and knows how to solve problems and negotiate compromises. They also need to be experienced and confident in the courtroom. Even if your divorce is amicable and you have no intention of going to court, circumstances may dictate that you end up there anyway, so pick a lawyer who you feel good about having on your side, in or out of court.


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