Fine temptation of the red, the fire-red

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There are personages who once met stay in your heart and memories for the rest of the life. I do not know what so special is about her – it is difficult to understand, define. And should I? Perhaps these are her doe’ eyes, particular and unique nose, slightly tousled and sometimes fire-red hair, the perfect figure of horsewoman grace and voice graced by French velvet. Her delicate eroticism makes Sharon Stone, Madonna, Kim Basinger and Emmanuelle turn pale.

Each time she manages to find such emotions inside you that you would never think about. In her stories sexuality is mixed into the most fantastic cocktails – Snowhite and seven dwarfs are put forcibly in Russia tortured by Bolshevik revolution, she plays with the novels by Marquis de Sade and poems by Baudelaire as well as stories by the master of American horror stories – Edgar Allan Poe.

Sometimes she just jumps onto the kickboxing ring and punches brutally her rival. Envies do not stop nagging at her for playing with Lolita character and she just answers simply – „Fcuk Them All!” She continues walking straight ahead and on her way manages to cooperate with the most beautiful in the world white woman’s blackest husband and with extremely talented Christian vegan from New York.

For many the conception of eroticism is formed by countless pieces of mosaic – fine graphics „Les Chansons de Bilitis” by Sigismund Vidberg, cheap German pornies – „Oh, jah, das ist Fantastisch”, American „9½ weeks”, „Basic Instinct” with its half-opened legs, synthetic eroticism of „Playboy”, infinite depth of the Internet shallowness and a lot more. In this huge mingle-mangle she has always been able to stand out a bit. With something special.

Probably the reason is her reddishy ginger hair or something else? Not long ago she spoke again. This time very simply – smiling maidenlike, singing and taking off her clothes. Naked. It seems to be nothing special but she again manages to do it notably. It must be known – how. By the way – this is not a story about the colour of the hair.

Have a nice Day and be careulf,

Paul Lasaro (with video taking off her clothes)

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