Five things that women look for in men

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Many ladies have a list of qualities that their significant other needs to posses. Though these lists would result in the creation of the perfect man, it is often difficult to discover one person in possession of so many positive characteristics.

Certain qualities are very important for ladies to like and fall in love with a man. He needs to be reliable and charming. Each lady has her priorities but a number of qualities are universally sought.

Here are five of the top things that women look for in a man.

Honesty is a very important quality that both men and women look for in a partner. This is one of the stepping stones that successful relationships are built upon.

It takes courage and strength to be honest in any kind of situation. Men who possess that quality are successful, confident and appreciated by the people in their lives. Nearly all women demand complete honesty from their partners.

Deceit, even if it comes in small and innocent forms, can hurt people and ruin relationships. Honesty is probably one of the most important qualities that women look for in a man.

Women are attracted to men who know their strength and weaknesses. Confidence and certainty in oneself are very important. Modesty is no longer seen as one of the biggest virtues. A man needs to have sensible presence.

Naturally, confidence needs to be based on some real qualities rather than fantasies. A man who is overly assured without possessing other virtues will never capture the attention of ladies.

Charm is something very personal and specific. One woman perceives appearance as charming while another will really enjoy the manner in which a man speaks or uses body language.

Whatever charm is, a man needs it in order to get ladies intrigued.

For the majority of women, charm is more important than appearance. Mastering the art of flirting will make a man charming. Knowing how to smile and how to dress for a date will also contribute to the charm factor.

Sense of Humor
Have you heard that many women fall in love with men who are capable of making them laugh? This general statement has managed to remain true throughout time.

Ladies need someone who knows how to use his sense of humor and who is comfortable enough to mock his own self and weaknesses. The sense of humor is a sign of intelligence and confidence.

Intelligence is another relatively vague characteristic that most ladies are looking for in a man. Each woman has her own perception of intelligence. Some want a man who is capable of maintaining a conversation on any given topic. Others demand emotional intelligence and perfect intuition.

Women want men who have various interests and who are curious enough to explore life and to learn something new. Though intelligence is difficult to define, it does play an important role in the decisions that ladies make about the men in their lives.

Each woman has her specific interests and preferences. Some want good-looking men, while others dream of somebody who is loyal, gentle and compassionate. Being flexible and knowing how to react in any given situation is of great importance when it comes to being successful with ladies.

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