Florida military divorce: are veterans more likely to get divorced?

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Recently, a number of studies have come out showing that military divorce rates are higher than the average divorce rate for civilians. Surviving marriage in the military can be tough for a number of reasons, but there are some things that could be done to reduce the rate of Florida military divorce.

First, let’s consider the various reasons the military divorce rate is so high.

One major reason is the limited income that junior enlisted personnel get. Finances are a common source of dispute in all marriages, and when you add financial problems to the other stresses that come with a military marriage, it’s no wonder that the divorce rate is higher for military members.
Another factor that contributes to the high Florida military divorce rate is the multiple long-term deployments that today’s military members experience. Spending too much time apart from your spouse weakens the relationship. How can you grow as a couple if you’re never around each other? Long-term deployments can be very hard for both parties, and they can erode the bond between the couple.

Other studies have found that post-traumatic stress disorder, a mental health condition common in those who have served in combat, is also contributing to a number of military divorces. It’s a cold, hard reality that when you add these potential mental health issues to the normal challenges of a marriage the likelihood for divorce increases.

And what about injuries? Serving in the military can be very dangerous, and many of our country’s brave soldiers come home with life-changing injuries. Again, this is just another added stress and weight on the already heavy strains of marriage.

Another study found that extramarital sex was nearly twice as common among veterans as married non-veterans. More than 32 percent of married veterans reported extramarital sex while about 17 percent of non-veterans reported extramarital sex.
So, what can be done to keep a military marriage strong?

When you’re away from one another, you have to really put forth the extra effort to keep things interesting and fresh. Write letters and emails where you pour out your love to one another. You might even consider communicating in your own coded language to discuss more steamy, bedroom issues.

It’s also important for both parties to learn how to cope with loneliness. For the spouse who is at home, learn how to stay busy. Find something that interests you-a new hobby or an important cause that you can devote some time to. Exercise. Volunteer. Learn something new. Just do something constructive with your time.

Finally, you can take full advantage a marital support services. Many military bases have chaplains that offer support services for military couples, helping couples find time to go on dates with one another and keep their marriage strong.
Just because the rate for military divorce is high doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed. If you work at it and find ways to keep your connection strong, you can have a healthy, happy marriage.

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