Friends' influence – the effect our friends' attitudes have on us and how to avoid bad influences

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When you start changing be aware of your friends’ influence. You may not realise to what extent friends may influence you. When you are with your friends, try to observe what words they use in conversation and what their general attitude towards life is.

I remember when I started changing and became more aware of how people behave, I realised that 99% of my friends were always using negative words and their lives were nowhere to the standard I was reaching. That was a real eye-opener to me. I understood that if I kept hanging out with such people I would have ended up exactly where all of them were – in circumstances that were mediocre, where 97% of the society found themselves in.

If your friends, when asked how they are, say ‘not bad’ or, even worse, start complaining about their daily disasters – run as fast as you can from them!

By the way, this applies to your family as well. If your family members are negative, think of themselves as victims and moan all the time, you would be much better off just going on vacation or just moving out – if you can. When you become successful and bad attitudes do not affect you any more – you would be able to see them as often as you can. But if you are still in the process of changing, avoid negative people at all costs. The more you eliminate negative influences, the quicker you will become successful. People influence us more then the environment, but so few of us really realise that.

If you really cannot go away from negative family members, try this: whenever your mother (or some other family member or relative) says something negative, think that her parents (your grandparents) were moaning all the time, so she just became the same as her parents. She unconsciously took all their complaints as truth and that’s why she does not think that complaining is bad for her and others.

This attitude will make you a bit more resilient to their influence as you will understand where they are coming from.

When you really think about it, it works like some kind of never ending story: child is born – he overtakes bad influences from parents – he grows up and raises his own kids – they overtake his bad attitude towards life – they raise their kids… Scary!

If 100% of your friends are negative, you are better off just being alone for some time. Positive people will come to you as soon as your attitude becomes positive – I guarantee you this.

It is also true that when your attitude changes, people with bad attitude will start falling off you and negative environment in general will change to a positive one. This is the case because the old you attracted negative environment because you were negative, and now as you change everything around you start changing – The Law of Attraction in action! I do not mean that many good things will start physically forming themselves in your present environment, it is more likely that you will get an opportunity to change your current environment or something unexpected will happen that cause the change to take place.

It is very exciting to undergo such change and please let me know by emailing me about what happened to you whilst changing your attitudes! I really enjoy reading all the emails I get from my readers.

Always try to remember: great attitude always creates great future!

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