Friends into lovers review- is turning your closest friend into a lover worth risking the friendship? find out my story

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Do you have that friend of the opposite sex you cant keep your eyes off of? How about someone that you have known for years and you have always had that secret crush on? I can relate to how you feel. And what is terrible is if you manage to gather the courage and tell them about how you feel you can seriously risk destroying your friendship with that other person.

I had a friend that I have known since kindergarden and I have always kept her in my life and through the years we have became very close friends. I am 28 now so you can imagine that 23 years of friendship is a very long time. After we approached our mid 20′s I started noticing special things about her. Like the way she smiles,laughs,the way she stares into my eyes. It all started adding up and I started to have feelings for this girl.

I knew it was wrong and tried to fight it but I couldnt help myself. I knew that if I said anything that I risk over 23 years of friendship and losing one of my closest friends. Was it worth the risk? Was it worth throwing it all away in hopes that she feels the same way? What if she felt the same way but for some reason it works for only a few months and we cant go back to being friends? All this just ate at me daily and I felt literally lost.

I searched online alot and found out a few ways on how to Turn Friends Into Lovers. The info I learned really had me floored. At this point I knew I could do this and I wasnt afraid of what was going to happen. I put my plan into action and decided I had to go through with it or deal with feeling like this until she gets married. After a short time she started to warm up and one night out of the blue she gave me the most incredible kiss I have ever fealt in my life. It was like having christmas back to back for 10 years straight. Not only did my tactics work but she is totally head over heals for me. Turning Friends Into Lovers can be worth it as long as you know what your doing.

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