Friendships are not meant to last forever

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Friendship is a most beautiful thing to happen to human being. We all meet some people with whom we never had a kinship, but they become so special in our life that it becomes hard to live without them.So my Dear Friends, while choosing Friends choose someone with brains and money.Jokes apart just how well do we know who our true friends actually are? What is a friend? A true friend is someone that will always be there for you always…Choose someone who will be there by your side when you need them the most & never let you down, NO MATTER WHAT.One of the most important lessons you learn in life is that although others can sometimes help, if you have sunk too far down, you are the best one to help yourself.

Yet, nothing can add more to your life than having truly intimate friends. “Just friends” is a goal worth pursuing!…In most cases, the transition from acquaintance to friendship occurs gradually. We reach out to offer friendship by offering a potential friend caring, listening, talking, sharing, accepting, and affirming. It takes time and effort to build a friendship. Friendships can take up to two or three years to build! And building friendships is much the same for children as adults, but a bit quicker!..They are built slowly, ..but break within a second when marriage vows are made..

It’s sad that Friendships are not meant to last forever…Actually I believe friends and friendship is given due importance only before marriage and after marriage your husband / wife becomes your best friend and is given more priority in your life…Can’t help it but this is the universal truth..In school / college days you make great vows that we will remain friends forever and nothing in the world can come in between us etc etc but these are all temporary vows and these promises will never be fulfilled as you enter the world of marriage..Often Old friends are forgotten and new friends enter your world and life when you shift places / country..

Not to mention that though some alike friends do keep contacts via email / phone, a girl/boy friendship actually dies at the mention of marriage..Though no matter how you try to explain your friendship to your mate they will never ever understand as they need you to give them first priority in their life as well as no one else can hold a special place in your heart except them..So there is no point in explaining..Also I strongly believe that a girl/boy relationship sometimes ends in marrying themselves as no boy/girl can never remain friends forever, they do realise at some point that they are made for each other and that’s when their friendship turns into a truly secure marriage bond…

Now with a lot of social networks childhood/school/college friends are added to our list of friends for only namesake..The actual purpose is to update our status and upload our own photos and get those beautiful comments and testimonials from your old friends…That’s it…But there are rare cases in which some genuinely comment and keep in touch and home visits are rare as all are busy in their married life and their precious children..

Though attached image looks realistic now we all know the real truth..Now that’s what is about Shahi’s realistic world, Here I make you realise what you have forgotten and make you understand and come out of the dreamy world and realise the BIG FAT TRUTH!!!

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