From coul studios on the golden coast, cali comes a lazy hurricane, irene a la "the warning"

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From Coul Studios on the Golden Coast, Cali comes a lazy Hurricane, Irene

People are giving advice on how to profit from the storm’s aftermath. Terrifying millions of people like aliens from outerspace. This science fiction masterpiece is serious. Not Coki. Cook art? “Sh** ain’t for me, noob.”

Two at a time

Troy Coulon has done it again. Examining the Winners and Losers of Hurricane Irene, he has created an enemy for being assertive and standing up for himself. Responsive or Reactive? Now, in a timely manner, gracing the pages of Maxim, Avril Lavigne and her former lover divorced like a traditional, conventional rocker, he releases a remix of “Girlfriend.”

How does something so disastrous have love where there is hate, joy where there is sadness, comfort instead of comforted, understanding instead of understood?

Also released in conjunction with his Toxic Parents Audiobook is “The Warning” which is “grown man talk” that’s why he “screams and drop, every sunday on the rocks.” Oh there is more, as well. “So lazy” touches and scratches and gnaws at the surface of super hot number one single “So Hot” by Kid Rock. “Call yourself a rock star, you’re just a starlet and f**k those squares, give me the ones with the multi-colored hair” sounds like his collaborator, Mr. 54.

One Out Of A Billion

He goes even further citing musical influences of a man from a small Louisiana town that released an album “Cake and Sodomy.” Eek. The term “Krazy” is dismissive like Prince’s smash hit “Let’s Go Crazy.” It’s obvious Troy Coulon puts his past walk where his talk is. “I think you need a new one” is definitely a fear busting triumph. Due to the divorce being the hurricane of a relationship is fizzling out leaving only the aftermath and FEMA. Anyway, NLP and in a one of a kind artist interview (he has worked with Eminem and Robert DeNiro so he seems to live in a parallel universe) and he “wishes Avril Lavigne the best” and “hopefully she’ll have a lot of material or at least enough to get another smash hit like “What The Hell.”

Four Squared

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