From long distance friendship quotes to the long distance relationship workbook

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Being away from your beloved for days is like the worst punishment anyone can get! Though one can be in touch through the phone and Internet, some moments can just not be conveyed through simple words! That is when long distance friendship quotes and sayings come to help.

Long distance friendship quotes really touch the heart. They portray true sentiments and affection for friends who are separated by distance. For couples, the whole situation is even tougher, but then, tough times test true love.

However, Don’t just read about overcoming the distance (with the ‘Long Distance Friendship Quotes’) – Overcome it!

Well, Michelle and her boyfriend Frank have been dating long distance since April 2006 and have helped hundreds of long distance couples on their long distance dating advice website,

They came up with the idea to make a fun, “school-like” workbook to help others in long distance relationships like them and make it fun at the same time. For over a year they have been giving others long distance relationship advice and have helped people overcome some of the common LDR issues they have overcome themselves in their own long distance relationship. They decided it was time to write their own e-book with simple assignments that would motivate long distancers like them, help others to prevent common issues, and help others work on issues they are dealing with right now.

The Long Distance Relationship Workbook has 12 assignments that will help you:

Gain confidence in your LDR

Work out common LDR issues

Prevent problems often seen in LDRs

Figure out your weaknesses and what what you need to work on to improve your relationship

Strengthen your bond

Build trust

And much more!

Therefore, if you encounter below situations:

* Do people doubt or judge your long distance relationship?

* Are you having trouble feeling motivated in your long distance relationship?

* Are you hung up on trying to find ways to keep your love alive from a distance?

* Do you have communication issues?

* Do you just want to make it fun again?

Then keep reading!

They offer more than just assignments – there is also lots of helpful advice along the way.

Check out this Long Distance Relationship Workbook!

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