Gaining a true friendship- is it that difficult?

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If you are one of those people who have loads of friends who gather around you all the time and give you their companionship no matter when you ask for it, then I guess you do not need to read this article. For already you have a good idea about how to make friends and how to hold on to them.

Now unfortunately if that is not the case, if you feel too lonely most of the time or simply not satisfied with the relationship that you are having with your friends then you might find something useful here.

At first lets face it, it is never easy to get a good friend. You try through out your life but can end up with no “true” friend. But is this really all that difficult to find a friend who will really care for you and will keep in touch with you without considering any personal gains from the relationship? Apparently it isn’t!

Well the rule is pretty much simple. If you want to have good friends, become one to others. It is not that easy and you won’t start getting mind blowing result from your efforts within a few days or weeks, but definitely things will start changing for you in the long run. So here we will talk about how to become a good friend in order to get good or true friends.

The first and most important think that you need to keep in mind is every single person has a mind of his/her own and they might not think the way you do. So while interacting with people, always make sure that you are giving full respect to their thoughts and feelings even if that does not match with your philosophy. Make sure that you are not hurting others feelings by trying to prove how “wrong” they are. If your friend is doing something wrong or having a wrong impression about something then simply try to make him or her understand it by talking about it calmly. Make your friend realize that you are actually trying to help him, not to prove you are better or smarter than him.

In most cases my friends disagree with me at this point, but that never stopped me from keeping it in the list of the most important things that I should do in order to gain true friendship. That is- expect as little as possible from your friends. You gave your best friend a very expensive (or exceptional) gift in his 25th birthday or kept in touch with him all the time when he was going through a crisis moment? Well don’t expect him to do the same for you. Trust me, it will make you feel better at the end of the day. After all, not expecting something and not getting it is far better than expecting something and then feeling bad about it after not getting it right? But the truth is, this is when you might actually find some friends who will really care for you from their heart. Often people starts whine about what they have done for a particular friend and what he or she got in return. But to be honest, whining about these things will only make things worse as people will start considering you as a “whiner” and may start keeping a distance with you. So try to limit your expectations from your friends as much as possible and give them as much as you can. Trust me, this will lead you towards at least one true friendship that you always wanted to have in your life.

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