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Today’s world has become a better, advanced and an improved place to live in, but has it become a happier place too? Are we all happy with the life we all have got? Our mind and body starts working like a machine the moment we wake up in the morning. I am no exception. I also make my body run like a machine since very morning. New and advanced bikes have come in the market and I tried to possess the trendiest of them all, of course giving first priority to my budgets. But at the end of it all I cannot even enjoy my drive as I have to make it to my office before time. So I have no time for pleasures. Then I reach office and open my laptop. Yes! My laptop! I had worked day in and day out to possess that one thing. However even here I cannot spend even a moment of my own with my possession as I am overloaded with a chunk of work.
Then my boss calls for me, I can see a twinkling sparkle in his eyes on seeing my attire but he doesn’t even compliment me for he is engrossed in sharing a list of work to be done in next less then an hours time.
I can feel my boss wanting to compliment my new shirt but he did not and I forget to mind it because I am preoccupied with my own workload. There is just work work work going on till I realize that my lunch is long overdue and it is almost time for tea break. I open my tiffin and finish it within next five minutes, wanting to avoid washing my hands as I can see my half left work. Then comes my tea and I gulp it in a sip.
I can see uneasiness on my colleague’s face, I ask him what happened? He tells me he is facing some financial problems. I assure him that things will be fine but forget to ask him if I can be of any help not because I am not willing to help him out but because by the entire days work my brain has stopped coordinating with my heart.
After two three hours of industrious work I realize that the hours needle has hit 9 in the clock, indicating the time. I want to rush home as I am dead worried about the traffic at the junction near my office. I finally succeed in leaving my office at 9.30 to 9.45, and still get stuck up at the same signal, same junction I was fretting about.
I reach home tired almost dead and reluctant to speak even to myself, with the entire world spinning around my eyes. I am off to bed in desperation because I cannot forget that I have to get up early the next day. I am sure you all will be able to relate yourself with me, but who am i? So my dear friends I am the face of today’s generation. I take a pride to declare that I am the gen next. I am much more advanced, improved, equipped and successful then the older generations. I have seen much more money then what they must have seen, in their entire life. But for one I have got everything at the distance of my call. That one element is my entity, my identity. Don’t be surprised, think and you will agree that in the fight of survival we never got time to stand out in any particular arena. I could just manage to survive at all fronts, and today when I look back I find thousands of footsteps on the way I had trespass. So then what do I do? Oh that’s simple; I bring down the level of success, to my convenience. I changed the definition of success. Older generations used to call themselves successful if they were renowned in the society. I change it a little bit and call myself successful if I can provide all the basic necessities to my family. So, what if I own a flat of my own? Oh then I become rich, irrespective of from where do I manage to pay the EMI’s of my home loan. That really doesn’t matter as long as I can tell my friends and relatives that look I have my own flat to dwell in.
Well times are changing; people have to change with time. Perhaps what we are doing today is the need of today’s hour.
However, I still am optimistic about the coming days. Hope the crux of our very existence does not dilute in this entire fight of survival.

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