Get husband back – don’t make these mistakes

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What would you say if I told you that the best way to Get your Husband Back was to avoid him for a little bit? It may sound very counter intuitive but it has actually been proven to work time and time again. Of course avoiding comes along with other tactics that you must also learn. I’m going to share some of the secrets of the Magic Of Making Up, so that you can get your guy back fast.

I am going to go over the proven psychological tactics that are used in “The Magic Of Making Up” eBook by TW Jackson, and hopefully you will check out my free Relationship Repair Manual which is at the link at the bottom after you are done reading this.

First off the Magic Of Making Up is Broken into 4 parts:

(1) Understand

(2) Get Your Head On Straight

(3) Assess

(4) Work The Plan

Let me say this, being a man and relationship counselor by nature – Men crave admiration. Its deep inside of us to want to be wanted, for lack of a better way of putting it. As Robert Frost once said -

“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired”.

You’ll a lot of the time hear a man say that he left his wife because he was tired of being “Nagged to death”. It really isn’t the nagging that is causing the man to leave its the loss of admiration from the wife. Sure maybe you nagged him a little bit but the fact that he doesn’t get that feeling that he is respected and valued as much as he was when you first got together was the clencher in the deal.

So now you are sitting alone wanting to get back together, so you go to your search engine and type in “Get Husband Back”.

So lets go through the steps.

Understand- You need to understand why it is whatever happened, happened. If you don’t know why it happened then just think long and hard. Did you start to act differently? Was this something that may have been caused by you not trying as hard for your man’s affection? Remember at one time he said “I do” and wanted to be with you forever, so he must have loved you at one point. Sure there could have been cheating involved on either side, or possibly constant fighting, but the main thing that is keeping you apart from eachother right now is one or both of you doesn’t feel appreciated. The core reason for breakups is a lack of appreciation.

Get Your Head On Straight- You need to be ok without them for the time being. If you really want to get them back you will straighten up, get out in the world, and live. You need to go out with friends, maybe even go on dates. Just get out there and do stuff right now to get away from the dependence. Maybe join a club, or learn something new. You want to have stories of how well you’ve been doing without your husband. The fast forward technique is one that TW helps you learn in his book, and if you want to know more about that you’ll have to check out his book. I’m not allowed to reveal the secrets.

Assess- This is a tougher one. You need to figure out what went wrong and how you can find a way to get a common ground again to build the relationship. This is something you should be thinking about during the two weeks that you are avoiding your husband. This is also the planning stage for the letter you will be writing later.

Work The Plan- You need to write a physical letter to them. The reason being is that a physical letter will feel more out of the ordinary and will get read more than likely. You want to get their attention.

Make sure you do not do this unless you know what you are doing because you could do some permanent damage to your relationship if you use some wrong words!

If you want to learn more I highly recommend you check out my site and you will be able to Get Husband Back in no time.

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