Get your ex to come crawling back

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Could this ever really happen? It is not only possible but probable. When properly executed no ex can resist the mental judo techniques revealed. Are you sick of being the only one fighting for your relationship? You can stop the pain and get your ex to come crawling back.

Right now you are probably thinking, yeah right, they won’t even give me the time of day. I appreciate how you feel. Understand thousands of others have felt exactly the same way. However, when they found the system I am speaking of, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They were moving on with their relationships, quickly. Using specialized techniques, you can get your ex to come crawling back

It’s not too late, yet.

Even if they are with someone else, this can be used to your advantage. After all, you want to win the war. It is OK to take a hit on a small battle. Rebound relationships just do not work out. Just continue on with your battle plan, and trust you will prove the rule.

Do not panic.

Begging, pleading, and attempted jealousy will only drive your ex farther away. Have you wondered why rubys and emeralds are so expensive? They are perceived to be rare and hard to come by. But you can gather for free all the rocks you want on the side of the road. if you leave messages and text them multiple times a day, they know they can have you back. This will drive you further apart.

They are thinking of you.

Humans have selective memories. If you remove what you are doing to upset your ex (stalking or threatening), the human mind will eliminate the bad memories and only live the good ones. Prove me right. Think about a friend you had a fight with a couple of years ago. The first things that come to mind are the fun you had together, not the fight. If you TRY you can only remember bits and pieces of the rift you had.

People’s biggest fear

People despise being inconsistent. People do whatever they have done in the past to be consistent. That is why alcoholics are never cured. They see themselves as problem drinkers, and they are. This is the definition of a self fulfilling prophesy.

The primary reason your ex called it quits is because they either saw you as inconsistent, or saw themselves as inconsistent being with you. If you dig deep enough one of the two will emerge. All you have to do is show them it would be inconsistent to not be with you. This is both effective and slightly manipulative. Don’t worry, they will never know.

Here is the proof.

This story is paraphrased from Robert Chaldini’s book – Persuasion, The Art of Influence.

People went into a suburban neighborhood and asked 100 homeowners if they could put a large gaudy billboard in their yard that said “Keep California Beautiful”?. 97 said no. They then asked 100 different homeowners if they would put a small sticker on their garage window that said “Keep California beautiful”?. It was such a small request 97 said yes. Two weeks later the same 97 people who said yes to the small sticker were asked if they would allow them to put up the same unsightly gaudy billboard in their yard. Over 2 thirds said yes. It was consistent with what they had done in the past.

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