Giving gifts is not the same as giving love

Posted in Friendship.

In any kind of relationship, giving is the most important aspect for the relationship to last. There are many reasons why we give to one another in different ways. Giving is a way of showing how and what we feel. When we give, we let the person know that we are willing to share what we have and we let them know that we value them.

Giving does not only limit to people we know. We even give to people we do not know just to show them that we care or to the needy to show them that we are here to help. But giving does not limit to material things only. You can bring happiness to people by giving a helping hand. Sometimes a smile is more than enough to make someone feel better. Our smile can make a big difference to anyone who receive it. Giving a smile is the most rewarding feeling anyone can get without receiving any thing but an act of kindness. And we can in return feel it too when the smile comes back to us.

To keep a healthy relationship, giving gifts is not enough. We often think that when we give something to the a person, it is already enough to let them know that we care. Giving gifts is not the same as giving love.

We can present gifts to anyone we know, to people we hardly know or to people we do not know at all without the need of loving them. It is easy to give because this does not need us to feel or have emotional attachment to the person we are giving to.

Giving love sets apart from giving gifts because we can share gifts without loving and gifts can vanish or break while giving love is lasting. When we give love, we are giving ourselves to them. We are opening our hearts, our lives to them without thinking of getting back something in return. To manifest love is something that we let others know that they are important to us and we are here for them no matter what. If we love, giving is so easy. Loving is the most amazing gift we can share without expecting to receive love back.

When we love, we are giving the most priceless gift anyone can receive. This is something that we cannot buy or find anywhere nor can we borrow or ask for.

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