Having faith in somebody

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In the case of faithfulness dogs are better than the homo sapiens
When the question comes about faithfulness the first answer supports the dogs. Contrary to it, come to definition of FAITH- Faith is the confident belief or trust in the truth or trustworthiness of
a person, concept or thing. It reads as trust of a person! A Dog never bites his master. And so he is faithful. But a man always, almost in its every breath, breaks the faith of someone like his friends, family, and many-a-times strangers…
But their is another aspect of it too. A person keeps faith on another even if he is breaking someone’s faith. According to Bible, the faith of a man is not a faith at all.It is the type that says “I won’t believe until I have seen it”. Faith is the corresponding action to what you believe, if you merely stop at believing then you are operating the faith of man. The God-kind of faith talks to the situation and change it for the better while the faith of man talks about the situations which of course remains the same. Oh! I just moved out of my real target to wite this article! The matter is the need of faith, everybody knows. If you want sth from someone you also bear the responsibility of giving it back…
Where would we be if we did not have faith? Be that faith in ourselves, faith in our loved ones, faith in our fellow humans, faith in our future, or faith in life itself. Usually one relates having faith to religions. One has faith meaning one believes in one religion or another, in one God or another. But here the talk is about the essence of faith, the feeling, the idea, the thought of having faith, in general a persuasion of the mind, an act of knowledge, of will and understanding. Faith is a power that operates throughout our lives and every soul has this unwavering inner born faith at birth. However as, with time, we start to acquire knowledge, reasoning abilities our faith begins to die… It also implies that our tendency to break other’s faith start to break.
All above lines don’t mean that someone should have a blind faith. Hope you understand what I am trying to convey. So finally don’t break other’s faith he/she/it has in you ever. And after you do this you have the right to get it back.

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