Herbal supplements to treat oligozoospermia – low concentration of sperm

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Oligozoospermia is a health disorder characterized by low concentration of sperm in semen. At present, oligozoospermia is one among the commonly reported problems for male infertility. According to studies, a person with oligozoospermia will possess sperm count less than 20 million per mL in his penile ejaculate. If not cured in earlier stages, persisting oligozoospermia condition may even lead way to impotence and infertility troubles. Consuming herbal supplements for curing low sperm count problems is one among the popular fields by which one can hope to obtain a satisfy result without any side effect. It ensures you better health and sexual vigour with no adverse action in future. Following are some among the best recommended herbal supplements to treat oligozoospermia condition.

Tribulus terrestris is one among the effective herbal supplements used to treat oligozoospermia. This natural supplement is also found to be very effective for treating gonorrhea, kidney stones, high blood pressure and psoriasis. Increasing the level of luteinizing hormone is an important health benefit of tribulus terrestris. Formation of luteinizing hormone increases the production of testosterone hormone which in turn improves libido and fertility.

Root extracts of asparagus is a widely used herbal supplement to treat oligozoospermia condition. Regular intake of asparagus root powder stimulates hormone secretion, increases libido, enhances stamina, dilate blood vessels and improves strength to resurrect sperm production. This herbal supplement enriched with folate and vitamin K concentration is an effective medicine to alleviate depression and stress.

Intake of black raisins soaked in water is a home remedy commonly used for treating oligozoospermia. Patients are advised to drink a cup of warm milk with raisins before going to sleep for achieving best results. It is equipped with many health benefits and curative properties. Regulating intestinal function, lowering bad cholesterol level and improving heart functioning are some among the advantages of including black raisins in diet.

Root extracts of lady’s finger is an important herbal supplement used for the treatment of oligozoospermia. Those persons suffering from oligozoospermia are advised to drink daily a cup of milk mixed with root powder of lady’s finger. It beholds an array of medical properties like lowering high blood cholesterol level, boosting immune system, improving hair health and alleviating stress.

Saffron powder is another safe cure for treating low sperm count level. This herbal supplement is well known for curing anxiety and tension. You can either use saffron powder with milk or can use it with dishes like saffron rice.

Garlic is a widely used herbal supplement to treat oligozoospermia. It is well known for anti bacterial and anti viral properties. Today, you can get several garlic products from market in the form of ointment, tea powder and as oil. Some among the health benefits of oligozoospermia include curing inflammations, lowering down blood pressure, stimulating immune system of body and reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Inclusion of red onion, a powerful aphrodisiac is one among the herbal supplements used to treat oligozoospermia. People suffering from oligozoospermia are advised to add a good concentration of red onion in their diet.

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