Herpes rejection is actually good

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Herpes Rejection is Actually Good.

How can getting rejected because you have herpes actually be good? It is hard to believe, but it is actually true.

First off, no one likes to be rejected, and that includes me. I have been rejected, so I know what it is like. The first time it happened to me I felt hurt, and then sad, and then angry. It took me a while to realize it was all for the good. Here’s why:

If you want a long term relationship, it will involve ups and downs. Think of some common words in a marriage vow…. “for better or for worse”. The fact is we take chances in a relationship. Either partner can become handicapped for instance. You might be healthy now, but you don’t know if you might at some point need crutches, or a wheelchair. Maybe it will be temporary, or maybe it will be for the rest of your life. Or you might get a disease that handicaps you. And because of this perhaps, you might loose your job. Or you could loose your job for other reasons. That’s what for better or for worse means. Would the person who rejected you because you have herpes stand by you and support you and stay with you because some “worse” happens to you? 

Probably not. That kind of person is probably self centered and selfish to some degree. They would probably not stand by you if you became handicapped. 

And if they rejected you, is it because they were primarily interested in a sexual relationship and not long term. It takes a lot more than just sex to hold a relationship together. Older couples who have been together a long time, usually put sex as the 5th or 6th thing on a list that they think are the most important things that kept them together. 

If they think of you as only a sexual partner, then they are missing the real you. There is a lot more to you than just your sexual appeal. If they don’t see that, they are not a person who will succeed in a long term relationship anyway. In fact, if that is all they see, the relationship doesn’t have much of a chance for any longevity at all. It is important that you realize this, because if you think sex is what holds a relationship together, you are in for a big surprise. And lots of heartache too. 

So the bright side is, when you got rejected by that person, you actually learned a lot about them! Better to learn sooner, rather than later don’t you agree? Especially if there are children involved at later time. 

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