Historic houses and the magic of a perfect location for the wedding

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Historic houses and the magic of a perfect location for the wedding


We all know how is difficult and complex the organization of a wedding: lots of expenses but also many ways to treat and to keep in mind that the day is and remains memorable in our lives.

 The search for the perfect location for your wedding is  difficult and important. And know the bride and groom who devote much of their time to this choice to give their guests an experience to remember.

Every woman dream is to spend their wedding day in a fairy tale for exemple in the Treviso nature with its romantic landscapes and unspoiled nature.

 Since ancient times, the good food and good wine, with locations of great historical and cultural value, have made ​​the area a locus amoenus where the nobles can live moments of relaxation and tranquility.

Historic villas , castles and old mills often surrounded by lush vegetation and rich accompanied by fountains, ancient trees and flowers. The magic of yesteryear back to life and gives spouses the excitement and splendor of times gone by, when walking Doges and noble in their gardens or resided in the frescoed rooms.

 Perfect location to capture the most significant images of your wedding album or evening ceremonies where the warm light of candles will be your partner. Small corners, porches and gazebos illuminated ,making your wedding unique and unforgettable.

An infinite variety of  locations is sure to please even the most difficult  demands: romantic castles, villas surrounded by greenery, but also luxury hotels and exclusive restaurants will be the perfect place for the most important day of your life. The excellent cuisine will make your event a memorable one thanks to the skill of good chefs who use local produce.

 Precisely for this reason  has created a team of qualified and experienced certifiers that selects for its customers exclusive locations throughout Italy: restaurants, hotels, castles, villas, cottages for wedding certificates to ensure a very special day.

The partners have already certified nearly 700 locations throughout Italy on the basis of what has been called the “ClassVenues Code”, with a series of criteria they are certified or not the exclusive wedding venue that will be part of ClassVenues rich database. These criteria, therefore, ensure the quality according to specific fees such as prestige, location, service, exclusivity, service, care, accessibility and experience.

A location ClassVenues always gives a particular emotion, thanks to its history, its special design and the appeal of a certain elegance. The locations CalssVenues always have something unique and prestigious that makes a point of reference in the geographic area.

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