Hostel life

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                       In hostel, you have to be a social person for all time. The most learning thing is that you would gradually understand that how to make relationship with roommates, warden, owner and also with workers like security guards and mess workers. While living in hostel you actually learn the things practically, which you can’t learn at home. Hostel life teaches you small and big things of life. Whether it is to manage money, know people, gossips and fight. All this we can learn under the roof of a hostel.

                        When I was searching for hostel I visited many places, I struggled a lot, and then my friend suggested me a website which was to get an easy accommodation. And yes, it worked. This website solved my problem. I got my hostel through the help of it.

                      To get the right hostel, at the right time, at the right place, is not an easy task, although some websites provide us an easy way to reach our destination. Living life in hostel is not a simple game. If you are having a habit of sleeping early around 10-11 pm, than you can’t manage because in hostels, life starts from 10-11pm. Yes, it means days are nights and nights are days in hostels. If you have problem with lights in nights than it would be problematic issue for you because your roommate may have lots of work for night like – iron to clothes, reading novels, or Magazines………….

                        It was the greatest experience of my life.

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