How do i save my marriage before it ends

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How do I save my marriage before it ends? Fortunate to be a happily married person, you may think that this question is irrelevant. But read further and you won’t regret spending your time reading this.


A study claims that more than 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce. You may not accept this statistics but will nevertheless agree that divorce is fast becoming a routine affair to follow a marriage in several cases. At least the threat of divorce looms large over the lives of many a couple. The problem is many people are not aware of this emerging threat and find themselves attacked by it suddenly.  It therefore becomes imperative that every couple think in the United States.


A simple fact to note is that it is possible to save any marriage if action is taken before it is overwhelmed by problems. A good marriage is based on a sound relationship. Relationship rests on the foundation of emotional attachment but unfortunately emotions can also shake this foundation. To start with, you have an excellent relationship with your spouse. It appears that nothing can go wrong with it. Then quite a few little things happen that strain the relationship. You either don’t take notice of this strain or just ignore it hoping that time will heal everything. Time can both heal and intensify problems, depending on what you do or fail to do.


Admittedly, small problems will not lead to a divorce but small problems can combine to become big and a big problem may become too difficult to solve. There will come a stage when you should know that you need external help by way of advice and counseling. And you should have the courage to seek such advice with no inhibitions.


You may not be close to facing the threat of divorce but you can’t discount the possibility of your moving towards that. You can see the indications clearly. The communication between you and your spouse will be becoming sparser by the day. Small things may cause irritation to either of you. You may feel happy and relieved to be alone. These indications are harbingers of a potential divorce. So, don’t wait till your spouse serves you with divorce papers. It will be too late to save the marriage at that time.


The wise thing is to make a continuous assessment of how good your marriage is. Occasional sliding is ok but if you find that the marriage is becoming less and less happier and satisfying, you should initiate action to save your marriage before it ends.

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