How do i stop my marriage from hitting divorce?

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You went into your relationship thinking that it was going to be all happiness and love, didn’t you? When you got married you almost certainly pictured a pleased life with a picket fence, healthy young children, and you and your partner pleased in one another pleased to grow old together. I bet you had not imagined or at least wished to imagine a marriage that ends in an extremely painful divorce. But, now that it’s looming it might look that there is nothing you can do to stop it. That is false, you still have a say here and you could stop your divorce.

07.25.2011 Chicago, IL – Patrick Hanks has been married for nearly 20 years, but it is a marriage that nearly ended when his spouse planned to file for divorce a couple of years into the relationship.  “It was without doubt a mess of things, my partner was not content and neither was I.  We were attempting to do a lot without seeing that the bond was suffering.  We were extremely disappointed in ourselves and that ate away at our marriage above anything. We sought therapy and our therapist made us understand all of the wrong expectations we had. We had to change our view on marriage and it made us happier and more content.” Hanks was also there for the launch of the website –

One of the very first things you need to do is to look at what is causing the relationship to fall apart. There are a whole lot of possible reasons here; it could be because of conflict, disappointment, lack of fulfillment, unfaithfulness, etc. It doesn’t matter what the reason, it is going to be private and will probably be definitely your own, you have to make out what that is so it is possible to stop divorce.

Most people are going to have wrong expectations of what their married life will probably be. For one, it is not going to be conflict free no matter just how much you try or how much you want it to be so. Conflict is a component of marriage; it is a big component of the Power Struggle part every married couple must go through. It is not all honeymoon and love songs; of course, that is a part a pleased marriage, but so is being in a position to cope with conflict well.

If you partner has decided that two of you must consider divorce, don’t feel hopeless yet. Ask them to give the relationship a chance, convince them that it may be time to head to a counselor. You could also use self-help products, there are lots of great ones out there, and Save My Marriage is one of them. You will should work with whatever troubles you’ve got together and make certain that you open lines of communication.

Talk your marriage over and make sure that your partner knows how you still feel for them. Be willing to work with any problem that you may have also and know that negotiation is key. Listen to what they have to say and express your feelings as well. It is definitely possible to stop divorce, but it is likely to take working hard, but if you really value your bond then it is likely to be worthwhile.


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