How does tantric massage for couples work?

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Although tantric massage is born of Hinduism, you do not need to be of that faith, or any other, to take part and enjoy its delights. The joy of tantric massage can re-ignite a relationship that seems to have lost its shine or sparkle. There is free information available that you can find on the internet but for a truly personal and professional approach, it is advisable to enrol in a short course or workshop. There are many of these held around the country and you should be able to find one close to where you live. These courses or workshops will teach you both the basics of tantric massage and you will be shown the different techniques. A fully qualified tantric therapist or practitioner will explain all you need to know about the process and what can be expected.

It may feel a little intimidating or embarrassing at first, particularly if you are not used to talking about sexual issues with anyone, including your partner. However, once you have both gotten over your nerves, you will derive much benefit from the teachings. The practitioner will discuss all elements of your lifestyle and sexuality with you to get a full picture of your needs and urges. Note that the course will take all this into account.

Very often, a tantric massage session will follow the discussion. The first part of this is a bath ceremony with relaxing music and the bath will be scented with oils. Different practitioners will have different guidelines and procedures but this is a great way to start the relaxation process. There may also be a meditation or help with breath work at this point.
After you are both relaxed then the session will continue for the tantric massage. Oftentimes, the practitioner will guide one or both of you to ensure you get the fullest benefit. The practitioners will not generally directly involve themselves in the massage process unless specifically requested. They will generally allow you both to experiment and discover each other all over again.

The session will usually also include counselling if required and re-education of each other. This may be an important building block for many and is the cornerstone to pleasing each other. If you have no idea how the other person ticks, then you will have no idea how to make them feel cherished. Engaging in tantric massage is definitely a wonderful way to become closer to your partner.

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