How fathers win child custody

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Fathers battling court cases for child custody face a much tougher time winning the cases. Even when the court has become more balanced in their ruling but there is no denial there are some prejudice against men especially in custodial ruling.

The court tends to favor mothers for three main reasons. The first reason, the society perceives that a child received better care from mothers. Secondly, the court tends to view fathers as independent while both mothers and child are co-dependents. Finally, fatherhood in deemed to be participatory while motherhood has natural instinct and occurrence. Although these factors are arguable but the fact has been deeply ingrained into our culture.

Due to the above influencing factors, in order for a father to win a custody case, he must present extra documentation of evidence that he can also be a good guardianship. By doing so, he can show the court that he too can give the child the best option for growth and development if their custody is granted to him.

Fathers must know how to show the court that he is very involved in the child upbringing. One of the methods is by tracking the amount of quality time he has spent with the children. By presenting an accurate log of dates and time and activities with the child, he can prove his interest and involvement in the child’s daily life.

The second factor is financial. Men generally earn more, thanks to the society’s stereotyping of men being the breadwinner. Fathers should track monetary participation for bringing up the child, telling the court how much input he has contributed to the child living cost. By presenting these documentation, not only if will be compare with the ex spouse afford ability but this information will be in good use in alimony and child support hearings.

The last but not least evidence the fathers can collect is the mother’s negative behaviors, which deem to have bad impact on the child upbringing. These include substance abuse, adulterous behaviors, physical or emotional abuse and such. The court will not tolerate accusations therefore solid proof must be presented. In many cases, a child investigator is secured for indisputable evidence.

Fathers have to work harder to gain their child custody. However, do not fight for the child solely because you want to retain something from you ex spouse. The decision to contest is best made after a long time thinking of who will be the guardian for the child.

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