How i found love online!!!!

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I think that right now there are soooo many dating websites out there, and honestly, which one do you go with?!  My journey with online dating seemed long and frankly a little frustrating.  It seemed hard to fine those legitamate sites, you know the one’s that actually care about what they are doing!

The first one’s I tried were totally FREE and as my mother used to tell me, “there’s nothing free in this life that’s worth having”!  Obviously she was right as these turned out to be one BIG disaster!  Basically it seemed like alot of fake people who were not really looking for anything or those people who thought it would be funny to play around with other people’s feelings.

The next one I tried was $25 a month (that’s a basket of groceries)!  I just could not justify spending that amount on something was yet to get me results.  The best one’s I found were the one’s that let you register for free and then charge a small fee thereafter.  At least with those you dont really lose out a big deal.

So after around 6 months and almost giving up I came across a good one,  I stumbled upon by chance and seen that it was FREE REGISTRATION for 7 days.  I thought to myself, this is the last seven days I will spend doing online dating!

So after the first few days I got chatting to to this guy called steve; he had a nice profile, seemed genuine and was cute!  I thought it might be to good to be true but went along with it.  After a few weeks of emailing from the Hearts Desired web site, we spoke on the phone for a while.  It was all going great and so we decided to meet.  I was so nervous I was almost shaking; I mean how many times have you heard those stories where people upload OLD photo’s and then you see them and they look like your grandad!

Well luckily this wasn’t the case with Steve, he was exactly what I wanted and more!  We hit it off and have been dating ever since!  We still live alittle far apart but we are talking about moving closer to eachother so fingers crossed!

I just wanted people to see that it is really possible for people to find happiness online, but remember, you have to find a good website.  Try first and maybe you’ll save 6 months of wasting time and money!

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