How long does a divorce can take?

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How long does a divorce take is one of the most important questions that clients ask when confronting their lawyers. The reason behind this is that on the first place, divorce is a torture. Although it is filed to end something, it usually entails mental and emotional suffering. This is especially true if there are children involved. The process depends largely on many matters which will be discussed later on. If you  are planning to have a divorce, you may be compelled to ask the same question on how long does a divorce take. You need to be calm and patient though if you want to have the divorce made legal and final.

The following are the factors that will affect on how long a divorce would take.

-          Where you live. The place where you live actually matters when you are filing for a divorce. This is because each state varies when it comes to the rules and policies of divorce. In some places, they set up certain waiting period before the filing of the original divorce paperwork. Some others do not have this. This period is made to make sure that the spouses planning to have a divorce are not just driven by their temporary emotions. This period is needed to have a cooling off period so to say. Thus, if you  are living in a place where there is no waiting period, then you can have the process done faster. A waiting period may run from five to six months.

-          Level of cooperation between the spouses. How long a divorce can take may also depend on how much you and your spouse are able to cooperate. There are matters in a divorce that can be settled through smooth dialogue. If for instance they cannot do this, then the period is made longer. If however the divorce is considered uncontested and the parties involved give full cooperation, the process will require lesser time and energy and even money. Cooperation may come in form of attendance during mediations and settlements.

-          Flow of communication. This is similar to the previous factor which needs to be participated not only by the spouses but also by their lawyers. Both parties as a whole must be able to keep an open communication to fasten the process. Of course a bad communication between them may even result to misunderstandings. The more open the parties are, the faster is the move of the case.

In general however, other factors will include budget too. If the spouses can afford filing the case and having it processed by a lawyer, then there will be no delay. But it must be taken in consideration too that a divorce is not inexpensive and thus there are many spouses who are stranded on the same ground for months. Furthermore, a divorce case may also depend on how good your lawyer is. This is because if you have taken a lawyer which is not specialized in this matter, then certainly you will be getting nowhere. 

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