How long does a divorce would take?

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How long does a divorce take is often the first thing that clients would ask their lawyers. They want to know when the torture would end since being in a divorce takes a lot of your mental and emotional strength. What divorce clients want in common is to have the process done in a quick manner. However, this is not always possible especially if there are complications. But to save other affected people of the suffering, especially children, the question on how long does a divorce take is often asked on the first appointment with a lawyer. The factors that affect it will be discussed later on.

The following points must be considered on the question on how long does a divorce would take.

-          Where you live. The rules and policies of the place where you lived in pertaining to divorce matter a lot. In some places, there is waiting period. This waiting period refers to that period where the spouses are tried to be reconciled again without resorting to judicial process. This is often referred to many as the cooling off period. This is made to make sure that the spouses are not only driven by the outbursts of emotion. They have the opportunity to think things over and weigh the pros and cons of filing a divorce.

-          Degree of cooperation between the spouses. How the two parties cooperate also matters a lot when it comes to the question on how long does a divorce would take. This is because in a case of divorce, there are many legal matters which can be done extra-judicially. Mediations and dialogues for settlements for example are one of the matters that can be resolved over a cup of tea. If the spouses are helpful in the endeavor that both of them are involved, they will be able to shorten the period of torture and stress. Not only that. They can also save money and effort.

-          Communication. This has some connection with the factor being discussed previously. This time however, the spouses as well as their lawyers need to have a smooth flow of communication between them. This is to make sure that no complications can arise and that shortening of the period of possible.

Other factors that will determine the speed of a divorce case is the budget that you have allotted for it. It must be taken into consideration that a divorce case is an expensive case. For this reason alone, there are many cases of divorce that are not yet been finalized because of their money needed to file one and to sustain one. Furthermore, how skilled is your divorce lawyer may also affect how long a divorce case would take. If the lawyer is not experienced on this, then certainly it will be a long process for you. A divorce take which is smooth can last up to months only but those that have complications may take years. Thus, if you are planning to file a divorce, have these factors considered. 

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