How to approach a girl you interest – the perfect way to do

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If you are looking for the best way how to approach girl you like, these following are some of easy steps how to approach girls:

1) Know What to Say

One of the cheesiest or rather the creepiest pickup lines that I have ever heard is “Can I have your phone number? I seem to have lost mine”. If you think that a girl is going to fall for a man who says that, then I am sure that you have just approached a girl who has run away from a prison or a mental institution. So before you approach a girl, please consider whatever you might want to say. Instead of reading up stupid pickup lines and memorizing them, think of something simple and more conducive to the environment. Something simple like commenting on the music at the bar might help you start a conversation. Read more on conversation starters with girls.

2) Choose the Right Time

One of the worst mistakes that men make is to approach a girl when she is busy talking to someone or when she is with a large group. No one likes to be disturbed when they are already engaged in a conversation. So be patient and wait for the girl to go for a drink or separate herself from the group before you approach her. In the meantime you can maintain eye contact or smile slightly when you look at her. (Please DO NOT stare or smile like an idiot even if she looks like Megan Fox). If the girl looks at you and smiles back then it might signal that she wants to be approached. However, if she looks away immediately or looks blank every time your eyes meet, then you better look out for a possible rejection (or a slap). Read more on dating tips for men.

3) Approach Her

Well, the next obvious step is to approach the girl. Relax, do not fidget around and remember that confidence is the key when you approach a girl. Talk to her and listen to what she has to say. If all is well then you will probably get her name and her number too. Do not appear too desperate or give off that needy vibe. Instead wait for her to show an interest in the conversation and trust you enough to give you her number. Read more on flirting tips for guys.

4) Looks Matter

While I am sure that in time the girl will be able to see your “inner goodness”, the basic thing to keep in mind when approaching a girl is to look good. Shabbily dressed men with that hideous beard or weird looking goth characters with hundreds of tattoos and weird piercing is hardly a man that most women will fall for. So please put in some effort and dress smartly.

The basic aspect of knowing how to approach girls is to just be yourself and not get all nervous and panicky every time you come face to face with a good looking girl. While there might be times when you will get that definite no, the fear of rejection and her response might just restrict you from approaching and meeting the girl of your dreams.

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