How to approach girls effectively – learn the simple ways

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How to approach girls is a question we commonly receive. Most guys are terrified at the thought of approaching a hot girl. Why is that? Don’t you want a beautiful girlfriend? What is the worst thing that could come out this social interaction? If you would like to find a girlfriend or learn how to be more successful with girls, I would suggest you subscribe to our free dating newsletter.

In the dating newsletter, I answer your questions and give you tips on how to find and get the most beautiful women. Logic tells us that nothing life-threatening can occur while approaching a girl. So why does your brain shut down and you basically loose all verbal skills when dealing with a sexy girl? Anthropologist to Zoologist tells us that meeting an unknown member of the same species is an anxiety-induced experience. Is this a friend or a foe? Will this person club me to death? That is an ancient mindset that continues to stay in our psyche. In the early days, we lived in small tribes of 60 people or so. Out of those 60 people there were probably around 30 girls.

Of those girls, many of them probably belonged to the chief and alpha-man of the tribe. So the bottom-line is, that there were not many girls to go around to the John Smith’s of the world. I would have to guess that your life depended on staying in good standings with the tribe. So you would not want to approach a girl and possibly be ostracized from the tribe. I think for the most part we still have this small tribe mentality. Whether you want to approach a girl for sex or you are looking for a hot girlfriend, everything starts with the approach. It is the first step in the process. You must approach to meet, attract and date. This is rocket science, huh?

The Simple advice on how to approach girls:

Just approach girls with confidence but also be totally unattached from the outcome. If you project a needy, insecure vibe you will not get anywhere. You are just a cool guy being social. You are not trying to pick up this hot girl. By being relaxing and getting to know this hottie you can start to show interest once she has revealed a bit of her character.

Please don’t worry about memorizing pick-up lines. Say anything that comes to your mind. If you get nervous, just introduce yourself and get her name. If you are at a venue you can come back to her and use her name. Ignore those little self-sabotaging voices, in your head that make excuses for you to not approach this hot girl. Even if you screw up, you are ahead of 95% of the men of the world. Most men never master this part of their life. Hence they are never satisfied with the quality of girl in there life.

Actually, you only have about three seconds to make your move before you lose your nerve. If you think about the approach for more than three seconds you will always talk yourself out the approach. Just go for it!

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