How to avoid scammers and spammers in a dating site?

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It’s known that the worst problem of dating site is the presence of scammers and spammers: they often transform the wonderful experience of meeting new men and women into a nightmare for the poor unexperienced users. Well, this problem could finally be solved!

I would like to introduce you a new international dating site: Lonely Soul web site. I’ve personally met the creators of the site the last year, while they were working on the project. They are a young married couple: probably one of the first couples who met each other through internet, 8 years ago. Their history is very romantic, as they fell in love suddenly and they decided to get married after a few months, even if they were living in different countries. It happened in year 2000, and now they’ve created a wonderful family.

A year ago they decided to create their own dating site, hoping it will help lonely people to meet their soulmate.

It’s worth to spend a few words on the innovative multilevel anti-spam and anti-scam filters: it’s an ideal mixture between human-controlled and computer-controlled filters: thanks to them it’s very hard for spammers and scammers to have a long life on the site. During the first months they monitored the activity of the users on the site and they told me that more or less, the 20% of new subscribers are scammers or spammers. 90% of them are blocked before authorization, 5% after they’ve sent the first messages and another 5% thanks to users’ complains. The site can be practically considered spam and scam free! It took a hard work to develop this system, but it’s giving them great satisfactions.

Now a few words on the site: it’s written in 4 languages: English, Russian, German and Italian. It has a lot of interesting features: profile ranking, ideal wife or husband search, 3 search levels, search people who speak your language. It’s FREE FOREVER for all the women! Take a look at special prices for men.

If you need more information you can access the site and read the sections relative to Site Rules and F.A.Q. You can also contact directly the Support Team that will answer to all your questions.

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