How to be loved for who you are

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How to be loved for who you are


What is the one thing that every person in this world no matter how old you are or where you from really want? The question is quite easy to answer as it can relate to everyone, YOU want to be loved for who you are.  Not for whom he might think you are or how you look or dress, it’s your true self that you want to be loved for unconditionally. My guess is that you haven’t found that somebody yet since you read this, but trust me hope is not gone. Maybe the man you thought loved you for who you were, didn’t really do that because it was more important for you to try and be someone else. You want to to be loved for who you are, not someone else.


When I think back of past relationships, I come to think of one thing I have always done in the beginning of our time together? I have like many others set up what I like to call the facade of perfection, I found myself always trying to be perfect even in ways no one would ever demand from me, and then later when we got more comfortable with each other I started to fade back to my true self.


I’m not telling anyone that you shouldn’t reach for to be the best you can be, but you must always know that being perfect and only keeping it for a while, might result in that person getting some unreal expectations. Your goal of showing who you really are will then not turn out like you’ve hoped.


If you want a man that loves you unconditionally for who you are, you must learn how to present the true you, he will love what you let him love, and by doing that he will love you for who you are


There’s a book called MenMadeEasy.  which will teach you very much when it gets to get a good man and how to keep him. It’s written by a very wise women named Kara who have dedicated a lot of her time to really try to learn the science between the sexes and how to really communicate and present yourself the right way to men.




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