How to catch a cheating spouse: possible indications of a cheating spouse

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How can you tell if your husband/wife is cheating on you? Will you hire a private investigator and make him/her rich? Will you buy the next popular surveillance equipment to spy on your spouse? Will you stay calm and take a good look at the facts? Here’s a list of “Signs” of a cheating spouse that you should pay attention to before doing anything else.

Cheating Sign #1: You should know your spouse more than anyone else. Is he/she more affectionate lately? At the beginning of an affair people feel guilty and show more affection than usual, towards their spouses.

Cheating Sign #2: Cheating spouses might lose their interest in everyday activities like taking kids to school or spending time with them, taking care of the garden etc.

Cheating Sign #3: Unexpected sexual requests. Cheating spouses may demand more or less sex. If their sexual behavior suddenly changes then there’s something going on.

Cheating Sign #4: Cheating spouses usually develop a defense mechanism. This causes their behavior towards family to change dramatically. They become more distant and cold. Many of them will start blaming others for their own mistakes.

Cheating Sign #5: Have you noticed unexplained credit card charges in your spouse’s credit card? Wondering who made an unexpected withdrawal from your family bank account? Financial change is a major “cheating” sign.

Cheating Sign #6: Has your spouse become more attentive to his/her personal appearance? Does he/she suddenly buys a lot of new clothes or other beauty accessories like a new perfume/cologne? Does he/she suddenly takes frequent baths or decides to go to the gym? There must be a reason for all these changes.

Cheating Sign #7: Have you noticed perfume odors on your spouse’s clothes? Have you discovered a lipstick or underwear that don’t belong to your spouse? How about unexpected gifts supposedly coming from co-workers or his/her boss? These are all signs that should alarm you.

Cheating Sign #8: Does your spouse whisper on the phone? Does he/she sounds alarmed or suddenly hangs up the phone when you enter the room? Ask your spouse who was on the phone and make sure he/she told you the truth. Try to find out who called.

Cheating Sign #9: Your spouses mobile phone. Cheating spouses usually make/receive a lot of phone calls through their mobile phone (if they have one). Check out your spouse’s mobile phone bill. See if there are any unexpected/unknown phone numbers. Also, take a look at the hours the phone calls took place. Are there any calls that took place right after your spouse left home for work or just before he/she returns home?

These are all signs of a cheating spouse and there are more. You should be alarmed if you notice sudden changes in your spouse’s behavior but the best thing to do is to remain calm and think what will be your next step. Don’t make false assumptions and don’t be hasty. Have you heard of the new divorced Barbie doll? – She comes with all of Ken’s stuff!

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