How to choose best stylish condom in different types of available condoms in market?

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When it comes to condom buying, you might get several opinions on what might be the best. It might get so confusing that you will be on the verge of committing a blunder with your choice of condoms. What if your girl friend likes to get a close feel of yours with ultra thin condoms but you bought pleasure condoms instead? With so many terminologies such as pleasure condoms, ultra thin condoms and designer condoms part of everyday discussion, how does one know what suits him the best? While previous experience with your partner is the best way of knowing what works, you must also know what these mean so you can explore new ideas. If you have been looking for an answer, here is a simple explanation to each of those.

Designer condoms:

As the name suggests, designer condoms are the perfect way to get you both talking straight to the point. No going around ideas, looking for signs and so on. The star of your date will be the condom. Designer condoms are sure to get all the attention. Now, that’s a great thing if you know that your relationship needs some focusing in the right direction. Right from packaging to the design and feel of the condom, you will find that there is so much more on offer than just a latex tube.

Ultra Thin Condoms:

Well, this one is simple to figure out. They are really thin and ideal if your partner does not really like a layer between you and her pleasure points. Ultra thin condoms help you assure your partner that you are never too far away, but still you are being responsible for each other’s safety and health.

Pleasure Condoms:

There are several types of pleasure condoms. Ribbed, dotted, twisted, flavored, all good to make your girlfriend scream in ecstasy. Pleasure condoms along with designer condoms are best if you are at the beginning of your relationship. By using pleasure condoms, you not only assure your partner about her safety, but also bring in those special feelings which are sure to get her hooked to making love with you.

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