How to control the g-spot; discover the most amazing orgasms of your life

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The infamous g spot. Full of history and commonly known as the mysterious and elusive phenomena which delivers the most intense orgasm known to women, the g spot is
nothing short of amazing, and it’s not as complex or as hard to find as you may believe. The g spot is actually quite easy to find if you know what you’re looking for. Find it and you will give your partner an unforgettable experience of immense sexual pleasure. Pleasuring a women g spot can be the key to an amazing sexual relationship.

A Basic Woman’s Anatomy

The location of the g spot (specifically the Grafenberg spot named after the German doctor who first found it and documented it) is inside the woman’s vagina, just behind the pubic bone and surrounding the urethra.

The first step is to recognize that the g spot, or g spot area, is small and not always in the same place. So, throughout your sex you’ll both need to be communicating. What works, what feels good, what doesn’t, a little to the right, a little to the left, etc.

Once inside the vagina, and using a well-lubricated finger as a probe, proceed about 4 inches straight in. Do not go too far inside the vagina, as you will come to the cervix, which is the mouth of the uterus. You have passed the g-spot if you are already there. Put pressure on the top wall of the vagina (the top borders the bladder, and the bottom borders the rectum) and you will feel some tissue that is somewhat rougher than the tissue around it. Therein lies the g-spot, or most of it. A nice way to reach this area and to stimulate the g spot, is to sort of curl your fingers back towards you, as to imitate a come here motion. This is also a very good technique during cunnilingus, and has a very positive effect on a woman’s ability to orgasm and re-orgasm in quick succession.

G-Spot Stimulation

Pleasuring a women’s g spot doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. If you have fingers, or an average penis, and can hold an erection, you can stimulate the g-spot and bring your lady partner to a profound orgasm.

There isn’t one best position to hit the g spot but there are a lot of great positions you can use to stimulate the g spot and it may take a few tries to conquer them but if you experiment and have fun you will find something you love. Here are a few g spot stimulating positions we recommend.

In the beginning, as you explore different g spot positions, its likely best if you keep an open mind and communicate. We’ve found this makes it easy to have a sense of exploration and play.

#1 – With the man sitting on the edge of a bed or sofa, and a woman mounted on top of him, with her legs wrapped around his back, adapt the depth of the penis in the vagina to near the g spot. No thrusting is necessary or required here. Just maintain the erection, press as hard as you can from the pelvic area, so the penis puts pressure on the g-spot. The rest is all automatic from the female, and soon she will arrive at a deep and satisfying orgasm. This position also stimulates the woman’s clitoris, and this double stimulation brings about this great female orgasm.

#2 – There’s something so sexy about a woman being on top, in charge of finding what feels the best. Really, this position is ideal because it allows the woman to control the depth, intensity, and speed. It gives you the ability to play, and explore, and notice how much more pleasure comes from subtle differences.

As you are on top, experiment with what feels best to you. Move, shift, tell your partner what feels good, rock back and forth, take it deep, keep it shallow, etc. Now, as the guy in this position, you’re not just laying back passively (thought that is fine to do, just not now!). What will help your partner most is if you tilt your pelvis as much as possible. The more you can do this, the better. This can be quite tiring so you can try to use a few pillows to angle your hips, or even better, you can enjoy something called the wedge, which is a liberator shape. This small shape puts your pelvis in the perfect tilted position without you having to do any work. I know it sounds crazy, but the small, subtle positioning this enables, makes all the difference.

#3 – One of our favorite g spot positions is doggy style. Not only do you have great g-spot access, but there’s just something so primal and sexy about taking or being taken from behind. In this position men can take it easy and let her do all the work. In this case, ladies, use your thighs to press back and find the depth, thrust style, and position that work best for you. However, guys, if you want to be more active, you can easily adapt this position. Push your woman down, and lay more on top of her (still coming in from

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