How to effectively cure premature ejaculation

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As embarrassing as it seems, one of men’s greatest problem is premature ejaculation. Often times, they want to seek premature ejaculation treatments on their own rather than asking help form doctors and experts. But before they seek cures first, they have to know what does premature ejaculation means and what could be the probable cause for the problem. Then, they are on their way to know the measures on how to last longer in bed.


What is premature ejaculation?


This is a condition wherein men would not last longer in bed than the average range of reaching orgasm. It is not just a physiological disorder but a mental one as well. Thus, it is defined by the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders that it occurs persistently before or after a penetration in the act of sex. Premature ejaculation is also accompanied with such little stimulations and therefore it is not a manly definition. Because of that, men wants to know what are the premature ejaculation treatments that will likely benefit them.


Causes and statistics


Before jumping off to conclusion on how to stop premature ejaculation, they need to understand the prevalence of premature ejaculation. There was a study done and it showed that amongst the different age range, men between 30 to 39 years old has the highest rate of premature ejaculation at 32%. This is then followed by men at 50-59 years old at 31%, men from ages 198 to 29 at 30% and lastly, 40 to 40 years old at 28%.


Admittedly, almost every man would not deny the fact that they encountered a few episodes of premature ejaculation once in their lives. This can be contributed to a lot of factors like anxiety. This is the principal reason why men experience premature ejaculation. Another culprit is also stress. Because of stress, there is a buildup of muscular tension so it leads to inappropriate arousal which then results to premature ejaculation.


The Cure


There are a lot of tips about premature ejaculation treatments but men would prefer address the core issues when it comes to anxiety and stress. For effective premature ejaculation treatments, men can try meditation and some relaxation methods in order to avoid anxiety attack and stress. Exercises would also be good in addressing premature ejaculation. Through exercises, the buildup of muscle tension is loosened. If the premature ejaculation happens almost all of the time, they can go to therapies for behavioral therapy or even talk to their partner in order to make them comfortable and help them solve their sexual problem.

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