How to get a guy to like you – crucial tips

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Hey girl,

If you are reading this I guess you are single and probably wondering How to Get a Guy to Like You. Well, do not worry, you came to the right place. The bad news is that you are single, but there is a good news – You Don’t Have To Be Alone Forever! I’m here to show you that getting a guy to like you can be fun and really easy. Just follow my tips and you’ll see what I mean.


This is a crucial thing in getting a guy to like you in a very short time period. If you want anyone to love you, you first need to love yourself, and make it visible for everyone else.  Don’t forget that you need to convince yourself that you are the smartest, prettiest and funniest girl on the planet.

If you believe in yourself, your confidence will shine thought on your appearance. So, it is not just in a way you perceive yourself, your confidence needs to reflect in the way you dress, the way you walk or how you start a conversation. The easiest way you can start feeling confident is by paying more attention on what you wear and HOW you wear it.


I know you want this guy to like you for your personality, but you first need to get his full attention. To do that, and make him go crazy when he sees you, you need to look your best. First thing you can do is – Putt some make up on. It doesn’t have to be too much, just enough to show off your best face feature. Also, make sure that your clothes accentuate your body in a good way. Believe it or not, looking good WILL get you the guy you like.

You need to let this guy know you exist. It means, you have to make yourself more open and outgoing. Every guy is different, but the thing they all have in common is that they are all extremely predictable. That is probably the BEST News for YOU, because you can use it to your advantage. Guys are driven by visual stimulus, and by making some small changes in your overall look you can really increase your chances with getting that guy to like you faster.

 So, how to get a guy to like you really fast? Find out everything you can about him, where he goes out, what kind of things does he like, who does he hang out with, etc. If you two share some interests it will be so much easier for you to start a conversation with him and make a good first impression. Also, it will help you understand this guy and what kind of girls he likes.

 But remember, it is also very important how you behave when you are around him.


So, be one. Don’t just let that guy get under your skin too quickly, keep him guessing. You don’t have to publicly declare your love for him, just leave some mystery about yourself. Tease him with small hints of interest and flirt, but don’t overdo it. You just need to give him a hint that he has a chance with you, and let him do the rest.                                                                                                                 

 How to let a guy know you like him? When you DO start a conversation with him, make sure he knows you are listening, do not interrupt him. Also, smile and be flirty. Hold the eye-contact. Your look can tell him a lot about how you feel about him. You know how they say – Eyes are the Windows to your Soul.

 The second important thing is – TOUCH! Always try to make a physical contact with him, but be subtle. Easy way to do it is to touch his hand while you’re laughing during the conversation, or to lean on his shoulder. Physical contact is a big part of flirting, it can make a guy feel more relaxed around you, and the simple act of touching can strengthen the intimacy between you and him.

 This is, also, why you need to smell amazing. Every time you get close to him, you want him to go crazy because of your smell. You want him to get an instant urge to hold you and to kiss you. This works, trust me!

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