How to get the man of your dreams and romance your way into his heart

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1) Romance a man by being supportive. This is easy romance tip to get your man. Relationships should balance each other out. If he spends too much time working, don’t bother him about taking time off or forcing him to spend time with you. Most of the time if he comes home from a long day of work he wants to relax and let loose. Don’t ask him about work unless he brings it up first. A simple “how was your day” is enough. It’s not about the quantity of time you spend with him, its about the “quality” of time you spend with him. If he has goals, be by his side no matter what. If he fails, encourage him to try it again. Do not give him the feeling that you’re holding him back from fulfilling his true potential in life.


2) Romance a man by being confident, show it. Men do not like insecure women. The best way to Romance a Man. If he tells you that you’re beautiful be humble about it and show appreciation but don’t melt in his hands over a simple compliment because he will learn to take advantage of that. Being around a woman with a high self-esteem is a privilege for most men. But, do not overpower that quality as you might come off as intimidating to most men. When the time is right, your man will propose a commitment to you when he feels ready. If you try to rush him, you’re just going to scare him away for good. Be emotionally grounded, don’t live a roller coaster type of life. Men want someone stable to take along his journey in life. Never act like a “Drama Queen” in front of him.


3) Romance a man by being classy, act with proper manners. It’s the way you dress, the way you carry yourself, and the way you talk and react in most conversations. Men love classy women, they are like gold. Simple gestures should be acquainted like a simple scratch of his back, a soft kiss on the cheek, but nothing too “clingy”. That comes later. A woman who respects herself is also desired in so many ways. So treat yourself good, carry yourself with pride, and most of all do it with class!


4) Romance a Man by being positive and have fun. You should be open to any suggestions he has even if its not to your taste. Whether its a plan to go to a basketball game or even a comedy show, just do it. This has nothing to do with changing your personality for him. It should not matter on what event he invites you to, just as long as you get to spend time with him is all that matters. Never show signs that your uptight or negative this is a real turn off.


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