How to give her a wild ride

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The most popular place to have outdoor sex is always in the car. There is nothing more thrilling than the thought that you may get caught in your act. Besides reliving those young and restless days when you engaged in those naughty mobile funs, sex in a car is spontaneous and much cheaper than renting a hotel. Here are some tips to reap the most pleasure from your love ride.




(1)   Make sure the parking brake is on if you do not want to end up naked in a drain

(2)   Make sure the inside of your car is clean. If your car is dirty and smelly, it is more likely to attract insects than women

(3)   Make sure you are wearing light – clothes that can be removed and put on easily and quickly. Best is wearing nothing inside because underwear can slow you down. Every second counts. The second it takes to wriggle your way out of the underwear could have been the extra second you can put to better use by touching her erogenous zones before a Mr./Ms. Busybody peeps into your car.

(4)   Make sure you choose your location carefully. If exhibitionism is your thing, choose an area that suits you such as an alleyway in the red light district or on a highway. Otherwise, choose a quiet spot with some nice scenery such as some places near to a waterway, beach and park, or mountain top. Try to avoid those locations where everyone goes.


Sexual Positions For Your Car


(1)   Cowgirl Position On The Passenger Seat


Push the seat as far back as it can go. She can sit on top of you facing you or facing the windshield with her hands on the dashboard for support and controlling the movement.


(2)   Backseat Riding


You push the front seat as far forward as you can. You can either choose the woman-on-top or man-on-top position. For a little extra pressure when you are on top, you raise her legs so that the soles of her feet rest on the ceiling of the car.


(3)   Cruising Oral Pleasure


You put your car on a cruise control mode and while driving she can give you some oral pleasure. Avoid bumps or potholes and keep your eye on the road at all times. If you feel like you are losing control, you pull over immediately.


(4)   Using Hood As The Platform Or Prop


It can be quite cramped making love in a car. If you and your woman are bolder than porn stars, the hood of the car is a wonderful platform giving you ample space and lots of flexibility. You can go down on her while she rests her legs on your shoulders, her buttocks on the edge of the car or you can penetrate her from front or behind while she rests her body on the hood for support.

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