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Dating Washington DC is the act of spending time with people to see if there is a possibility for long term kinship.  When you figure out who you want to go out a date with, you have to base it on attraction first.  If you are not attracted to someone by their looks then you would not want to spend the rest of your life with them, so there is no reason to go out on a date.  If you see someone at your favorite coffee shop or think they have the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen, then there is already some common ground and attraction there, so it is a good idea to ask them out on a date.

When you do finally start dating someone, you should set the first date for very soon.  Ask them out no more than a week ahead of time– the sooner is the better.  Make sure you do something together that allows for a conversation such as having a cup of coffee together before church or grabbing lunch together on your work break.  Short meetings allow for the best way to detect chemistry; a twenty to thirty five minute period of time is long enough to know whether or not you are interested in seeing someone again.

Ask the person questions that invoke emotionally based responses.  For example, do not ask someone a question that they can answer factually such as “how many good relationships have you had?”.  Instead, ask them something like “who have you dated that took you the longest to get over?”.  Also, do not ask too many questions about past Dating Washington DC experiences.  Ask questions that pertain to your possible future together.  You may say something like “would you rather retire to the mountains or the beach?” or “how do you feel about having more children in the future?”.  Also, answer any questions they have for you truthfully, and avoid bragging or boasting about your accomplishments because that makes you seem insecure.  It should not take you more than a few seconds after the date to know whether or not you would like to see that person again.  If there is any real chemistry there, you should feel as if you never want to be separated from that person.

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