How to have a long distance relationship

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Many people keeps on saying that long distance relationships are hard to handle and at the end you will just let go of each other, but don’t worry here are some tips that can help you save your relationship. This will require you effort and patience because it’s going to be a long journey for you and your partner.

Here are some tips on how to have or survive a long distance relationship

  1. Talk daily or find a way to talk to each other daily. This way you will be able to know each other more and deeply. This method will also develop trust and respect for each other.
  2. Schedule the time to talk. Everybody have its own business. If you are busy with o at school, you can talk to your partner about scheduling the time where you can talk to each other.
  3. Video calls. This way you and your partner can see each other. You can try using Skype they have this clear and dependable free video calls. Everyone wants to see their partners, so do not be shy, he or she is your partner.
  4. No lies. Obviously, lying will not help. Just be yourself and how him or her your true colors. Anyway trust is one of the building blocks of good relationship.
  5. Send items or card. If there’s an occasion or if it’s your anniversary, try to send some card or gift to your partner, this way he or she will feel that you are honest and you are serious about your relationship.
  6. Plan ahead. Since you and your partner can’t interact physically, you can plan a visit or you can settle a date where the two of you will meet. This is important and it will also boost trust and respect.
  7. Make him or her feel like you are there for her. There will be times that your partner will feel alone or lonely, make sure you are online or you have a way to contact him or her so that you can comfort your partner. You can also support your partner in good times. You can share laughs and achievements. This is something the Internet offers to us, they give us the chance to talk to each other even we are mils or oceans apart.
  8. Be open and inform him or her with some changes or new ideas. If you and your friends want to have fun then you should inform your partner right away. You need to tell you partner that you will be out for awhile and you will be hanging out with friends. You can also tell who are the people you will go out with.
  9. Trust and respect. These are the main ingredients of a good relationship. It will start from yourselves, if you want to make your relationship work then there should be no walls between you and your partner.

Enjoy and good luck to you and your partner. You can do it!

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