How to have a "no hands" orgasm

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I was looking around the articlebase articles and going through some of the more sexual articles and I noticed some were very popular. I started to consider what could I contribute to this subject and then I remembered how a person reacted when I told them I could orgasm with just my mind. Also known as a “hands free orgasm”.

First, I’ll tell you it’s possible, but not easy, like most things that are worth it. This article is mostly for men, but I heard it was also possible for woman. If that is true and woman have the better orgasm of the sexes, then a hand free orgasm for a woman, must really be great. The only down side to this (guys) is the mess. Because it’s hands free, your hands are not needed, and there for, not at the ready to  catch said mess. You get where I’m coming from?

One of the prerequisites for this is an openmind and a better than average imagination, plus patience helps. You have to have an open mind to just make the attempt, because it’s different and different is off limits to some people, just because it is dubbed “different”. You have to have a good to excellent imagination, because that is all you are relying on.

Setting is obvious. You are masturbating. You may not be using toys or hands, but this would still fall under “masturbation”. You should be alone and completely undistracted, Remember, you are using your imagination, so concentration is essential. This article is probably not applicable to those with ADD.

Also, if you have a favorite fanyasy, a really good fantasy, use it. If it’s a little taboo, but not sick, run with it. Actually, I shouldn’t tell you what to do, I’m just not here to promote things considered “sick”. I just want you to consider the obvious. The stonger the fantasy, the better the chances. Lay back and run with your fantasy, run deep, but not so deep you lose yourself. Concentrate on the “throbbing” area. Pin point the exact pleasure area and never let up on how that area feels. Remember, you are fantasizing at the same time, so that’s the tricky part. Concentrate on the feel good area and think of how good it feels and thinking about how good it feels should increase that feeling and that feeling that just made you feel good, should increase even more and on and on. Keep building and building and notice how your fantasy relates to the increased feelings. Wow, that thought really increased that feeling, so dwell on that. Keep going over and over these fantasy “key areas” and how it increased your pleasure. How the increase of pleasure, increased that pleasure even more. Look for and concentrate on that near orgasam feeling and draw on that. If you keep builing and concentrate on the right areas, you will be there soon enough. There is one more tip ( excuse the pun) If you know how to make your penis lift up without your hands, you can incorporate that technique into the mix, at any given point and through out the process, as a means of increasing pleasure. You may have used this technique as a mode of amusment to yourself. A kind of “look what I can do” sort of thing, but it can be used as a method of increasing pleasure!

I can’t go over any more techniques, because there are none. It’s more based on building the feeling, knowing what increases those feelings and working on that till the point of orgasm. Trust me, it’s a better than average orgasm!

That’s all. Happy hands free adventures!

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