How to maintain a good platonic relationship

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This article is the extension of my previous article on platonic relationship .In my previous article I have already described the merits of platonic relationship. As you all know deep friendship between friends of opposite gender are possible and are experienced in everyday life. Platonic relationship are incredible when it works  ,you always feel you have a non-judgemental friend of opposite nature which can give you advice and support. But as I am telling right from the beginning that these type of relationship are not easy to maintain. According to me there are few things which must have to be taken into consideration while having a platonic relationship.

1.BE OPEN TO POSSIBILITIES OF TENSION: It is always possible that persons with opposite sexes will have sparks and attraction with each other ,so we must consider this in mind while going into a platonic relationship.

2.CREATE CLEAR GROUNDS: It is always better to clear that you have a friendship that matters in which both of you care for each other in a sibling like manner by spending time together ,teasing and helping each other but that is only friendship nothing more than that.

3.CONSIDER ALL BENIFITS OF A PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP: It helps to remember what is gained by platonic relationship rather than ever tempted to throw that away in a  moment of romantic weakness.

The benefits of platonic relationship are:

1.They endure because you trust one other and share a lot together at emotional  and spiritual level.

2.You are not plagued by the intimacy of romantic love ,sexual complexities and with all accompying doubts ,jealousies, complications etc.

3.The most important thing is that neither of two have to perform in front of each other ,you are who you are.

4.You can learn about opposite sexes from one another in a safe way.

5.You can view life with each other perspectives which will help both of you to develop as a better individual.

4. REASSURE OTHERS WHO MIGHT GET AFFECTED WITH YOUR PALTONIC RELATIONSHIP: When there are partners ,spouses and lovers etc,involved it is always  helpful to clear them early on the nature of your platonic friendship. Do not let a platonic friend closer to you than your spouse. The most important and interesting fact is that “If you have a secretive ,intensely close relationship with your platonic friend then you are having an emotional affair with your platonic friend which both of you are not ready to accept .”

5.BE REALISTIC: The deliberately suppressed tension in your friendship is what provides you with the spark to make it work well.This never fulfilled but potential reality can be source of incredible creativity ,discovery and problem solving when two of you work together on something.


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