How to make a girl like you if you go to school with her?

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So, you’re still in SCHOOL, right? And you would want to find out how to make a girl like youif you go to school with her? It doesn’t really matter whether you have one SPECIAL girl in mind, or just want to learn how to be able attract ANY girl from your school, because this article will reveal you the solution. So, let’s get to it.

There are TWO scenarios. Either the girl you want to hook up with goes to your class, or not.

If she DOES go to your class, I must advise you that you not to try to make her like you, UNLESS you like her very much. You should also be CONFIDENT that she likes you, too, before trying anything with her. It will be very awkward if/when you two break up, believe me, I’ve been there. You just don’t want the DRAMA.

But, if you’re like I was, you won’t pay attention to what I’ve just said, so I should better help you with this. So, what is the BIGGEST THREAT here? It’s the danger that she sees you only as a friend. If this happens, it’s ALMOST impossible to make her like you in a way you would want. The best way to stop this from happening is to constantly flirt with her. Make her wonder about an IDEA of you two in a RELATIONSHIP. If the situation is right, be open with her (in flirty and funny way), and let her know what you would like to happen.

But, what if you’re already in the friend zone?

Well, if you want her badly enough to take the risk, you must do one thing that is going to be HARD TO DO. You need her to stop viewing you as a friend. Spend LESS time with her, DON’T listen to her complaining, and, ESPECIALLY, don’t talk with her about OTHER GUYS. After some time, you should start flirting with her, start imposing an idea of you two hooking up. Take her on AMAZING dates, make her enjoy every minute with you, not by being her friend, but being a potential BOYFRIEND.

The GOOD thing about her going to your class is that you have plenty of time to get to know her, to find out what kind of guys she’s attracted to. You can also easier establish yourself as an ALPHA MALE inside the class. And you know that girls love alpha males.

What if she doesn’t go to your class? Well, if so, you have much smaller danger of slipping into FRIEND ZONE. You also have smaller amount of information about her, and LESS TIME you spend together. What you need to do, if you want to make a girl like you if you go to SCHOOL with her, is to make an impression fast. Also, get some info of what she looks for in a guy, and establish CONTACT with her. Hang out with her in school a little, and make sure she enjoys every minute around her. As soon as you get the signs that she’s interested, ask her out. If she ACCEPTS to go out with you, she’s already made her mind – SHE WANTS YOU. 

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