How to make friends with ease

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1—The very 1st thing is, you need to be friends with yourself first, start to appreciate but do not worship yourself, look into the mirror and tell yourself good things…. Build up a positive internal image, like yourself from within, never fill less about yourself no matter what happens, because it is what you love inside you are going to give or exhibit outside, positivity attracts while negativity repels…. 2—Start accepting the fact that you can not be friends with everybody, this mentality reduces the pressure on your mind and psyche, so do not be too quick to get familiar, never look desperate, it gives a sign of cheapness and predisposes you to be taken advantage of… 3—- Reflect some positivity, all repulsive attitude or character needs to be dropped, attitudes like frowning always for no reason,, rude remarks, use of swear words, appearing untidy and dirty, and so on… The more positive attributes you begin to reflect, the faster and better you make friends, try to smile often, be as polite as possible, show concern, be as expressive in a sensible way, laugh when the need arises, do not appear to serious and caged up, be free, with all these characteristics you are guranteed to make new friends… 4—-Every one wants to be friends with someone that is confident in his or her abilities, build your confidence, when you meet people look them in the eyes, not that searching or rude look, i mean the look that tells positive things about you… Maybe you do not know that the process of making friends is like you are trying to sell a product, so the product is yourself and for people to buy, it must be attractive… 5—Learn how to give genuine compliments, this helps to break the ice of tension and pressure, compliments like you look nice, i like your shoe, nice hair cut or hair do you got there e.t.c.. Just get that smile that helps lead the way for you… 6—Try to address people by their names, never forget a persons name especially if it was the person in question that told you his or her name, this tells the person how important you take him or her… 7—Exchange plesantaries with the people around you, be eager to say “HELLO”, “HI”, how are you doing, Good day, Good morning and so on, making friends starts with acknowledging the presence of the person beside you, so get use to been the first to say hello, hi the more you do it first the better you make friends… 8—-These are tips that should be on your finger tips, be confident, determined and principled but never be arrogant or a snub.. The easiest attitude to sense from afar is arrogance, the odor it carries is so strong, it pushes potential friends far away from you.. Just be yourself, read signs and follow leads, never think at anytime that someone is to low or inferior to be your friend…. for more articles please visit,

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