How to restore a relationship in 5 steps

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After a relationship has broken up you feel lonely, miserable and not talking to anybody—this is the worst feeling one can ever have.

There is that feeling of emptiness, pain and sometimes guilt.

You also feel dejected—really down in the dumps.

The split up could have been your own fault or your partners’—fact of the matter is you must do something to get united again. If you don’t do something quick, he or she might move away or find somebody else. It could be that you will NEVER find another somebody like you had.But are you prepared to take the chance, if you know that you still have feelings for your partner or your partner stil have feelings for you?

So the best step can be found here:

1. Let him or her  somehow know that you were and are faithful to him, without telling him directly—sort of hint to a mutual friend that this is the case.Chances are good that your partner will hear about it.

2. Make sure that you get in touch, occasionally, with the mutual friend, because you can be sure that what you want to ask the friend about your ex, the same will happen from your partners’ side. Always remark that “Today is her/his birthday, or today we were going out for ten months” and so on.

3. Do not try to make contact immediately as his/her wounds haven’t healed in say two months.

4. When you think you are both ready, think of how romances happen in the movies—always by so-called accidental bumping into each other. Make sure you “hang’ around in the vicinity. Think of the possible places that your partner might go to.

5. When you finally meet up, DON’T overdo anything but keep a very low profile in the beginning.When the time is ripe, make your first careful move.
These 5 steps can make a difference between total relationship failure and happiness—it is up to you to decide, but do not miss out on very good advice.

 There is also a video that will help you make the 



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