How to stop fighting and learn to understand the feelings of your partner

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When you get married, you should understand that fights and disagreements are going to happen. But, if it does get too destructive, it could end relationship for good. If you feel that you and your spouse are fighting too much or fighting too hard, you must do something about it, and do it now. If you don’t, you can finish loose the relationship.

8.30.2011 – Alexander Smith shares some thoughts about his relationship with his wife, which got into some relationship problems a few years back. According to him, they were fighting a lot; it was like the order of the day. As things went on he realized that the fights had become worthless and they were just retaliating. Neither one of them are willing to back off. He opened himself to actively stop to this sequence and from that moment, things to get better.

Misunderstandings and fights are part of a marriage and they can be about anything. What you need to understand is even though the fighting is bad; it does not mean that the marriage will end. Like with anything, you just have to work on it. How it pans out is going to depend on your next moves. If you allow it to end or if you let the fighting eat up every part of the relationship, then you are headed for divorce. You can find out how to save a marriage but it should be a joint effort.

Couples who fight a lot are in trouble, they are probably in a cycle of retaliation. When your partner hurts you and it turns into a fight, their answer would be to hurt you back. That just keeps the vicious cycle going. In most cases it is only stopped when one person leaves or when one decides to be the bigger person.

Be the bigger person and save your marriage and be the one to stop divorce before it ruins your relationship. When your partner hurts you, you must just swallow your pride and keep yourself from fighting back. Instead, it is best to give yourself the chance to talk and communicate with one another. This will be the only way that you could find reprieve from the fighting and find happiness as a couple.

Take the higher ground; learn how to save a marriage. Granted it could be hard to push off your pride, but if you love your partner and if you value the relationship that you have, then swallowing your pride is going to be really worth it in the end. You need to create a place where you and your companion are free to talk with each other without having it end in a fight. You certainly should not think that you are the only one who is hurting; there is a very big chance that your partners is too, so stop the fighting and start communicating.

Please don’t allow you partner to have reasons for divorce. And if he or she is going to divorce you please find to stop divorce processes.

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